Studies have shown that plastic waste takes over hundreds of years to decompose. This span of time makes plastic an inefficient mode of packaging which is the most common usage of plastic material. There are three possible alternatives of plastic bags

  • Banning of Plastic bags
  • Enhancement of thickness of Plastic bags
  • Bio-Degradable Plastic bags

Out of all three options none result in a pollution-free environment. Replacement of plastic bags with paper will enhance an existing environment problem i.e. deforestation. Cloth bags will add up to the cost of packaging and will ultimately prove to be inconsistent. Unfortunately, even biodegradable plastic is not entirely good since its micro-level decomposition causes toxic plastic fragments to amalgamate with air. Consequently, a number of respiratory and skin allergies surface as a major problem. Thickening of plastic packaging is a suitable solution; however, it is a complex idea and is hard to implement in every corner of the province. Therefore, Greenovation, an independent environment-friendly company, wishes to implement a sustainable solution to this rising problem.

Greenovation intends to channelize this plastic waste in a systematic direction to rid the environment of any plastic residue. This plastic dump will be used as the raw material for the production of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) which will provide for the growing need of domestic fuel for the country.  In this way, the environment will become free of pollution caused by plastic and landfills and general waste will not be left unattended. This proposition will potentially erase a large percentage of polluting factors of the environment and will recover the ecosystem in its best shape.

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