Ranked number one in the WHO’s List of world’s Most Polluted Countries, Pakistan has become a country with the highest atmospheric risk and the lowest air quality. Particulate matter has polluted the atmosphere by 150%! Urban regions of Pakistan have significantly increased in air pollution, resulting in the descent of thick layers of smog. This is, unfortunately, not a natural phenomenon but a result of burning carcinogenic, toxic waste that diffuses into the air as tiny waste particles. Taking initiatives to put an end to this pollution has become inevitable.

Greenovation, an environment-friendly research startup, wishes to implement a sustainable solution to this rising problem and expects collaboration with you. Greenovation successfully devised a novel process of converting plastic waste(non-degradable waste plastic bags) into hydrocarbon fuels in the form of LPG. This process validates the use of plastic and promises zero air pollution and a massive reduction in the formation of smog.

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