Greenovation, the innovation leader in waste management and energy production through non-biodegradable plastic waste, proudly announced that through continuous hard work, dedication and with the help of The Incubator GIK Institute now becomes the official partner of Prime Minister’s Clean & Green Pakistan campaign. In a meeting at Chief Minister Office, the honorable CM announced a seed grant of 0.8 million for Greenovation. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Kamran Bangish, Minister ST & IT and by the officials of Directorate of science and technology (DoST), KP.

In the meeting Greenovation presented a comprehensive plan of waste management and energy provision for Peshawar, which includes the collection of non-biodegradable plastic waste with the help of Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP), which is then recycled into Liquefied Petroleum Gas at Greenovation’s facility. The produced LPG is cheaper than market price, which will help small businesses to flourish.

Right now Pakistan is facing severe problems of pollution, Smog, huge plastic waste dumps, and most importantly the daunting challenge of energy shortfall. According to statistics, plastic waste generation only in Peshawar is 3500 Ton/day, which is non-degradable and if not dealt with priority, it will deteriorate the aesthetic looks and cause major health and sanitation problems. Greenovation is Pakistan’s first ever Energy startup which is producing LPG through plastic waste. Through this project, we aim to convert 40-60% of above mentioned plastic waste into LPG. The gasification process has high efficiency and the team is confident that it will bring revolutionizing change in waste management. Moreover, the process has zero environmental impact, as there are no air and water emissions, the project is highly efficient and green.

The startup is also aligned with multiple sustainable development goals (SDGs) of United Nations i.e Affordable & Green Energy (Goal 7), Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure (Goal 9), Sustainable Cities & Communities (Goal 11), Climate Action (Goal 13), Life on Land (Goal 15), Participations for the Goals (Goal 17), which Pakistan is also trying to fulfill. So Greenovation not only uplifts Pakistan at global level but also directly provides clean environment, standard living and stable energy supply to common people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Cedric Aimal Edwin and with the help of The Incubator GIK Institute, the word Greenovation now resonates throughout Pakistan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem; with several companies approaching for joint ventures. Team Greenovation also got the 9th position in the momentum conference, a 2 day mega event in Karachi in which over 300 startups from more than a dozen different incubators and accelerators participated from all over Pakistan. Team Greenovation also appeared on a TV show “Idea Croron ka (season 2 episode 5)” where they represented GIK Institute and Directorate of Science & Technology as well.

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