Pakistan’s indifference towards its rising pollution has been a hot topic for a long time, now. Urban regions of Pakistan have significantly increased in air and water pollution. This is endangering the atmosphere of densely populated urban regions. Taking initiatives to put an end to this pollution has become a dire requirement. The environment has suffered for years at the hands of irresponsible citizensand inefficient waste disposal techniques.

The ecosystem is disintegrating day by day and the sea-levels are rising, endangering the future generations! If not stopped today, the world will be in irreversible crisis tomorrow. Waste disposal is a serious issue. The natural beauty of Pakistan is being dimmed by the ever so increasing landfill space. At the dawn of industrialization, as the world progressed towards newer, more modern techniques and ways of living, it also suffered through the underlying problems of global warming, air, water and land pollution, a disturbed echo system and much more.  Developed countries have worked to eradicate pollution from their country. A good example is Sweden, a country that did not only successfully overcome pollution of its own but also offered environment-safety to its neighboring countries. It has recycled waste to produce fuel and other products that help enhance the GDP of this country.

Pakistan, a country still at the dawn of development, is struggling with the problems of the modern world. Its air pollution, caused by industrial emissions, combustion uncontrolled traffic, etc.; its water pollution caused by uncontrolled an unsupervised in-water disposal have collectively disturbed the environmental balance.

Pakistan also suffers as its waste disposal is unsupervised and authorities pay less heed to such issues in comparison to others. In such situations, it becomes of importance to look for the extent of government involvement in trying to solve this problem.  Sewerage systems, waste water and drainage systems as well as dumping grounds are inefficient and hence leave negative impact on the overall environment in the region. For the sake of Pakistan’s environmental protection, it was brought to the attention of the researchers as to what is the present work being done and businesses involved in waste management programs.

Burning waste is a common practice in the country but instead of ridding the country of pollution, this method only increasing the atmospheric pollution of the country and also dulls the appearance of the country. The increasing infrastructure and hence the traffic of Pakistan has contributed in the ever so rising atmospheric pollution, as well. As a middle to low income nation, Pakistan cannot practically afford implementation of smoke refining devices for vehicles or industries.

However, what it can afford in systematic recycling of sorted out waste. The problem of increasing waste production in Pakistan needs a concrete solution. Greenovation is a start-up that has come forward as that concrete solution. It aims to convert non-biodegradable plastic waste to Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Hopefully, Greenovation may be able to eradicate pollution from the country in the near future.

Author: Nimra Azhar

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