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We are the first recycling company of Pakistan and the only company to reproduce energy from recyclable waste. We are striving to reduce landfills in Pakistan and restore the natural beauty of this country. We have environmentally-friendly solutions to counteract pollution.
LPG is a low carbon fuel with thousands of industrial and commercial applications. Regarded as an exceptional energy source...
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Greenovation help in cleaning the cities of the solid waste by converting the non-biodegradable plastic waste to LPG gas...
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Greenovation also produces paraffin wax. It is one of the few, most effective, insulation materials of today. Its high resistivity makes it a good option
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Greenovation become the Official partner of PM’s Clean & Green Pakistan Campaign

Greenovation, the innovation leader in waste management and energy production through non-biodegradable plastic waste, proudly announced that through continuous hard […]

Pakistan, at the edge of being engulfed by its Solid Waste

Pakistan’s indifference towards its rising pollution has been a hot topic for a long time, now. Urban regions of Pakistan […]

Battle Against Waste Plastic Bags

Studies have shown that plastic waste takes over hundreds of years to decompose. This span of time makes plastic an […]

Mile Stone Achieved

Our teamwork and dedication has proven fruitful in the form of our first in-house plant and over a 1000kg recycled waste. We aim to plant a tree for each 100kg of LPG produced. A Greener Future Is Not Too Far Away!

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