Greenovation offer fuel in the form of LPG which is an efficient yet low-cost source of energy. We provide affordable fuel to rural as well as urban households.

Commercial Fuel

Greenovation will offer online portals in addition to retailers and local distributors for easy access to LPG in households, commercial regions and in industries. We collaborate with its top customers such as hotels, bakeries and recreational & housing societies through personnel assistance and partnerships. It is our utmost priority to ensure safe and secure transportation and installation of LPG cylinders.

Waste Management

Greenovation provides waste management solution by collaborating with the local government body in form of using the non-bio degradable plastic waste as a fuel for the conversion process. By doing this, the waste dumps in the operational area are significantly reduced and converted to parks and other recreational places. As we focus on environmental benefits and finding solutions which not only benefit the humans but our environment equally, therefore, we believe to take beautification of landfill sites side-by-side our project.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulating Wax is the major byproduct of the conversion process and constitutes about 20% of the total waste. This product can be used in houses and industries to for thermal insulation reducing the overall need for power consumption that is required in heating and cooling of the building.